Baltic Agro bought rapeseed oil producer Werol

Baltic Agro AS, Danish DLA Group owned company bought rapeseed oil producer Werol Tehased AS (Werol Factories Ltd), bankrupted early this year. Baltic Agro acquired all production lines and equipment at auction. The capacity of the plant, producing edible oils since 1998 has been estimated 70 thousand tons, just before bankruptcy the plant started to build new facility to rise production capacity up to 145 000 tons.

The Chairman of The Board of Baltic Agro Mr. Christian Junker said that as Werol is one of the major buyers of rapeseed at Estonian market, so they reached satisfying result. According to the Executive Director of Baltic Agro Mr. Ants Puusta it is very important to retain trustful processing plant in Estonia. After engaging the new production line the turnover of Werol is expected to rise up to 80 mln EUR and processing of rapeseed at DLA Group up to 500 thousand tons.

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