Quality labels

The joy of high-quality food

The ECAC organizes evaluation of the quality of food products and issues labels of quality. Tunnustatud Eesti Toit (Approved Estonian Food) – also known as the swallow symbol – is given to quality Estonian food products whose primary raw material is of Estonian origin. 

Quality labels can be applied for by all food product manufacturers pursuant to the bylaws governing the labels. To apply for a label, product descriptions and laboratory analyses must be submitted, and additionally in the case of the swallow symbol, documents certifying the domestic nature of the primary raw material.

Product quality is evaluated by a neutral expert committee, which also verifies conformity of the products to the quality requirements during the period in which the products bear the label. The committee also blind-tests the properties of the product – appearance, taste, consistency and aroma. In the course of the evaluation, the product gathers points, and upon attaining the required amount of points, the product is granted the right to bear the label.

Since 1998, over 600 products have received the right to bear the label. The list of products that bear the label can be found at the website www.epkk.ee.