About us

The Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce – representing, supporting and protecting the interests of rural business operators

The Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce has united agricultural producers and their unions, processors of agricultural products and their unions and companies providing services to the agricultural sector since 1996.

Its activities are aimed at ensuring balanced development within the agricultural production sector, the processing industry and the sector providing services to rural life. In order to achieve this, support is given to cooperation between local producers and processors and to trade in agricultural products in internal and external markets, and members are represented within a range of structures both national and international.

The Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce offers help in finding business partners, exchanges market and price information, organises forums and information days and makes arrangements for participation in trade fairs in Estonia and abroad.

Different working groups operate within the chamber whose roles are to regulate the internal activities within their sectors and to influence their development.

The Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce coordinates the evaluation of foodstuff quality and issues the Approved Estonian Taste mark of origin and quality (symbolised by a swallow) and the Approved Taste mark of quality (symbolised by a cross). The swallow trademark may be applied for by producers who use Estonian raw materials in their products. The cross trademark may be applied for by all European Union companies situated within Estonia.

Since 2002 the Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce has been coordinating the activities of the National Delegation of Estonian producers organisations within the European Unions agricultural producers organisation COPA-COGECA and has been responsible for the work of the representation of Estonian agricultural producers in Brussels.

In order to keep its members better informed the chamber publishes a monthly newsletter, and the latest news can be found on its website at www.epkk.ee.


Our members are:

  • Estonian farmers and their co-operatives
  • Estonian food processing industries
  • Estonian rural economy companies (incl agribusiness companies)
  • Estonian forest owners co-operatives

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Supervisory board (elected June 2022)

Representatives of agricultural production:
Jaak Läänemets, Avispeamees OÜ, Virumaa Põllumeeste Liit
Jaanus Marrandi, Estonia OÜ
Margus Muld, Agrone OÜ, Põlva Agro OÜ
Tanel-Taavi Bulitko, Eesti Tõuloomakasvatajate Ühistu
Vallo Seera, Eesti Lamba- ja Kitsekasvatajate Liit
Olav Kreen, Rabaveere talu

Representatives of food industry:
Mirjam Pikkmets, Talumeiereide Liit
Silver Kaur, Maag Food OÜ 

Representatives of rural economy:
Jaanus Põldmaa, Esthler OÜ
Sivar Irval, Dimedium

Representatives of forestry:
Priit Põllumäe, Keskühistu Eramets