The Baltic Times: Estonian farmers are fighting for the competitiveness of Estonia food

Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce (ECAC) manager Roomet Sormus says that the aim of the farmers’ protest action on Feb. 5, during which hay rolls on the Via Baltica route were to be set on fire, is to fight for the competitiveness of Estonia food, reports Public Broadcasting. “We have worked for the past 1.5 years in the name of achieving equal competitive conditions for Estonian farmers in the next seven years, starting 2014. Since the farming subsidies of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are the lowest in the European Union, even half the European Union average, it is not possible for our producers to compete at an equal basis with other colleagues in the European Union,” Sormus said. Hay rolls in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, on the Via Baltica route, were to be lit simultaneously. Around 160 hay rolls were installed on the Tallinn-Ikla route and were to be lit at around a hundred locations.

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