Market information

Once a quarter, the ECAC publishes three publications on market information: Lihaturg (Meat Market), Piimaturg (Dairy Market) and Teravilja- ja õlikultuuride turg (Grain and Oil Crops Market). Each week, fresh information on prices of agricultural produce in Estonia and Europe is published.

The objective of the market information publications is to ensure transparency of how the market functions for companies in the Estonia food sector (agriculture, foodstuff industry, commerce). The ECAC s information is updated, independent and from reliable sources. The market information publications give companies an overview of the market situation and price levels in Estonia and foreign markets.

The following information is available on the meat, dairy, grain and oil crops sector:

– purchase prices for agricultural produce

– wholesale food prices

– retail food prices

– market analyses, trends

– overviews of Estonia’s foreign trade

– statistics on production and consumption of agricultural produce and food.

If desired, an ECAC specialist will compile a personal overview for a client on the market situation and developments in a particular sector.