ECAC committees

The committees composed of ECAC members were created for the purpose of analyzing the situation in different fields of agriculture and rural development, to make suggestions and issue recommendations for the balanced development of these fields. Specialists from the field, scientists and representatives of various official agencies take part in the committees work. Working meetings and roundtables provide a setting for discussion of legislative materials pertaining to the field and proposing amendments to them.

The following committees serve at the ECAC supervisory board:

– grain committee (including oil crops)

– meat committee

– dairy committee (cooperation with the dairy quota supervisory board)

– horticulture committee (including potato growing)

– rural development committee

– cooperation committee

The committees organize public forums, the purpose of which is to distribute information on the situation, trends, possibilities and needs in various fields, and to influence rural development. Printed matter dealing with salient topics in the field is printed for the forums. They are available in major libraries as well as in electronic form.